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What's the difference between an "Open Concept" Booth and Traditional Photo Booth.
A BIG one! We're huge! A traditional "old school" photo booth - depending on the vendor - can be really small. Our portable open concept photo booth is the same thing as a traditional photo booth you might see at the mall - but with a lot more interaction and a lot less walls!
We setup a giant backdrop and bring a bunch of props and take high-res photos using the latest Canon digital photo equipment. Your guests will love our touch screen interface. They can see and view their photos in real-time, add effects, make animated GIFs, save and share their photos via text or email and of course lightning fast color prints are always an option! 
We use a studio quality Alien Bees ring flash to make you look your best!
Our Digital Booermang Booth is capable of shooting video quality Animated GIF Bursts and has digital props that everyone is going crazy over. 

We can also provide an event wrap report including social media stats and user analytics.

What's the difference between the DSLR Pro and the Digital Boomerang Booth?

Quite simpy, if you're looking for studio quality photos that you'll frame and keep for a lifetime, then opt for the DSLR Pro. These photo are photo studio quality. The best lighting, the best lenses and the option for on-site printing. Perfect for Weddings and important milestone occasions in your life. If the most fun and entertaining guest experience is what you are after then opt for the Digital Boomerang Booth. The animated GIF is super popular and always a hit at parties. The very nature of a GIF (graphic interchange format) is that the colors are limited so that the files, though animated, can still load quickly. So by using the GIF you are limiting the color space and the quality of the photograph will not be on par with a true digital DSLR lens camera. However, in todays selfie obsessed culture, we find that many people aren't as concerned about picture quality - they are going more for the social experience.

What about uploading the photos to social media?

All of our booths have full sharing capabilities either via text or email - depending on event wifi access.

What kinds of props do you use?
We've been collecting all kinds of fun things for the past several years and we're happy to share them all with you. Unlike a lot of booth companies we don't charge extra for "premium" props.

Do my photos have any branding on them?
It's important that your guests be able to find their photos online after the event.

Therefore we do include our logo and/or website on all materials. If you want to rent a booth white label please contact us for pricing.


Will my photo have a custom overlay or branding for my event?

We'll include your event name and date on a custom overlay. We'll work with you to customize the design. Just provide us with the event details, invite or colors and we'll work our magic. You can also design your own. We can send you the specs.
Or choose from our vast gallery of photo booth templates. Click on templates and pick a design and we'll customize it.

What if I don't like my photo? 
Luckily in this day and age, memory cards pretty much come free in cereal boxes. So we can keep shooting until you're happy! As long as the event is still going and the sun hasn't come up! We're happy to let you strike a pose until you are happy. Just keep in mind other guests might be waiting. We're here to make you and your guests happy! Our session comes with unlimited photos! We do ask that if you've already taken a photo set to please jump back in line so all guests have the chance to have some photo booth fun!


Are children alllowed in the Photo Booth?

We ask that all children under 11 be accompanied by an adult to enjoy the booth. This keeps our booth attendants focused on you and your guests - and not on babysitting.

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