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We're celebrating the sweetest month with a free,
fun & interactive Valentine's Day Card experience!

Make a custom Valentine's Day Card

Using MVPs Virtual Photo Booth software on your phone or computer, we magically turn your best photos into a fun Valentine's Day Card to share!

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Just follow these
easy steps!


Turn this...

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Into this...

When your photo is done processing you can add 1 single digital prop that will appear magically on the faces of each subject.

Next add fun stickers to customize your card how you want it to look. You can add unlimited numbers of stickers. These can be scaled and rotated and moved all around the frame.

Step 3:

Finally, email or text your creation!
Don't forget to send one to your sweetie
or secret crush!
Be sure to tag us on your social posts!


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Follow the link at the bottom of this page to Launch the Valentine's Day Card maker!

Take or upload a photo. Once the photo has been accepted, be sure to scale or move it around so that you can see everyone in the photo inside the photo frame.

Next the background will be magically removed and you can add one of our fun background choices to the photo.

Step 2:


Find a good clear photo of you and your sweetie – or maybe even your friend, your family or your pet!
Just be sure it is a photo you are authorized to use,

If you do not have a photo you like, you can also use our software to take a photo right on your phone!

Step 1:

Be sure to choose a photo that has a nice contrasting background. A solid wall is preferred. A background that is too busy may not be read and the magic background remover may not work!

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